This project, begun in May, 2006, will not be completed until until September, 'cuz the project manager is on vacation.

My name is John and we own a brown 1990 Hawkins Motor Coach. The HMC brand produced a high-end vehicle which was manufactured from about 1985 to 1995.

It's difficult to find much documentation on these wonderful older vehicles. When we bought our 1990 coach in 2004, most manuals were in an overhead cabinet. The owner's manual had no model year or publication date information. I'm just guessing it's the manual that came with the coach when it was first sold, but I don't know that for sure. The contents seem to apply to the cross-section of RV's the company produced. Reliance on the information herein is done at your own risk.

Need to know something about an HMC? Want to buy one? Here are resources to help you:
  • The HMC Club is an organization composed primarily of HMC owners. They have an excellent, informative web site thanks to their webmaster, Sally McCleanghan. Check out the HMC Club website You'll find a great FOR SALE section, as well as information on the method of manufacture employed by Hawkins.
  • The HMC Club also operates a forum where you'll find helpful folks ready to answer your questions, so be sure to visit the HMC Club forum.
  • To see the manual given me by the previous owner, go here.